Content Writing

This course is fully online course offered in association with M/s Technowrites, Pune.





Content Writers produce engaging content for online/offline purposes which is mostly used for marketing and branding. They write various content like blog posts, articles, or any website content. They are also responsible for the overall tone of a website.





  • The amount of information available in the world doubles every seven years. Half of that information becomes obsolete in five years.
  • Content writing is considered a highly skilled area and presents an opportunity for a full time/part-time career.
  • Content Marketing is the most selling strategy for web/online sales. This is increasing the demand of content writers exponentially worldwide.
  • Content needs to be continuously updated and published to attract customers.
  • Like software development, Content Writing is also a global profession.

Every business has an online presence today. Anyone who is online needs content. Internet will be here for lot of centuries to come and penetrate our lives more & more through hand-held devices. In order to meet the industry’s requirement, we have launched this course to train “aspiring-content writers.” This course can also be beneficial to the existing content writers in honing their skills.

  • Mandatory assignments are included with feedback, for any of the certification model/course. The assignments are tuned to the real-life requirements of the industry.
  • Courses include are processes, tools, techniques, exercises.
  • Courses also include Resume writing guidance and sample resumes.

Content Writing Course:

  • About content-related processes, content writing tools, reviewing tools.
  • The freelancing module in the course will help learners to take projects as a freelancer.
  • Tools include MS Word and some SEO tools

**Internships are available to the deserving students based on their performance and needs of Technowrites. 

  • Graduation in any discipline is recommended. However, undergraduates/diploma holders with adequate work experience can also be considered.
  • Good command over English
  • Basic knowledge of MS Windows & MS Office

Course Fees

Rs. 12000/-

[GST as applicable]

Assessment & Certification Fee

Rs. 8500/-

[GST as applicable]


3 months

[Online Access 6 Months]

Intake Capacity


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