Microbiology Laboratory Techniques

food-saftyThis Laboratory Training has been designed to provide skills and tools for students as well as professionals who require knowledge of techniques for microbiological analysis of water and food as well as the interpretation of results. It provides a practical approach where a trainee will be trained in the practical concepts of water and food microbiology.

The training provides knowledge on the test methods and precautions to be taken during microbiological testing of various samples. The trainee gains knowledge of different microorganisms, especially bacteria, fungi and protozoa. Trainee gets hands on training in sampling, media preparation, different methods to isolate and identify a particular microorganism, its culture maintenance and verification.

Training Modules for 30 Days

• Introduction on IS/ISO and NABL standards with their importance and lab activities.
• Laboratory safety and maintenance of laboratory as per GLP.
• Quality assurance in the microbiological laboratory.
• Preparation and Sterilization culture media according to good laboratory practices.
• Quality control and storage of media.
• Bacterial growth- isolation and plating techniques.
• Bacterial identification – biochemical tests.
• Maintenance and verification procedure for control / reference cultures.
• Calibration, maintenance and verification of equipment.
• Microscopy procedures used in the microbiology laboratory.
• Antimicrobial susceptibility testing of microorganisms.
• Microbiological testing of different samples of water.
• Microbiological testing of various food samples.
• Uncertainty requirements.

Course Fees


[GST as applicable]


1 Month

Intake Capacity

10 seats per batch

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