Practical Courses


• Arduino comprises of electronics hardware – an electronic circuit board, i.e. a microcontroller, and its associated software. These together can be used to perform many interactive and control experiments.
• Arduino kit along with the other necessary electronics and mechanical components will be provided. Buying the kit is optional. If you already have these things, no need to buy the kit.
• Learn to programme the Arduino to read signal from an external object and respond to the same. Learn to programme the Arduino so as to integrate software, electronics hardware and electrical and mechanical components.
• Build a line follower robot and test it.
• Suitable for beginners.
• You should have a computer or a laptop.


• 3-D printing is a process of creating 3 dimensional solid objects using a software program and a 3-d printer. The object is created by ‘additive process’ wherein multiple successive layers are laid until the three-dimensional object is created.
• Learn to design simple 3-dimensional objects and create computer programmes for those objects. Selected computer programmes created by the students will then be used to print 3-d objects in our lab. The 3-d objects thus printed will be sent to the concerned students.
• Students may also get their designs printed from us at an additional cost.
• Suitable for beginners.
• You need to have a computer or a laptop.
Note: In this course 3-D printer is NOT provided to the learners. The picture shows the 3-D printer on which the learners’ programs will be implemented to create/print the objects designed by the learners in this course. The learners can actually visit our institute to see the designs being printed, provided the government regulations/restriction allow the movement of the persons due to the Corona pandemic.


• A Fixed-wing UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), also known as fixed wing UAS (Unmanned Aerial System), Fixed wing RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) or Fixed wing drone, is an aircraft that operates without a human pilot onboard. Fixed wing UAVs are controlled either remotely by a human operator or autonomously via onboard computers.
• Fixed wing Drone kit will be provided along with the study material.
• The model can be tested in our campus, with prior appointment. The radio controller and battery are not included in the kit, and will be available for testing purpose when you visit the campus for testing your model.
• Suitable for beginners.

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