DES FCHL has established a Food and Water Testing Laboratory – ‘DES Fergusson Testing Laboratory’, in its premises to test the water and food samples and to train the students on various testing methodologies and processes including the internationally accepted standards. This laboratory provides testing facilities for Water, Food and Agricultural products etc. according to their respective National, International or Customer-stipulated specifications, mainly for industries and customers in & around Chittoor industrial area.
DES Fergusson Testing Laboratory is well equipped with food testing, where we mainly test fats, proteins, carbohydrates, fibers, metallic components and microbiological parameters.

Lab is well equipped with instruments such as UV/Visible spectrophotometer, FT-IR, -200C deep freezer, Biosafety cabinets, Incubator, Electrophoretic units, Ultra cooling centrifuge, Soxhlet apparatus, Kjeldhal digestion and distillation units, pH meter, Conductivity meter, Turbidity meter, Muffle furnace, Hot-air oven etc.
This laboratory follows quality management system as per international standard ISO / IEC 17025: 2017.


Fergusson Centre for Higher Learning
Kurraklva Village, Via Papanaidu Petta Post,
Renigunta Mandal,
Chittoor district, 517526,
Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.

Telephone: 0877-2500260/65
Mobile: 7842001043 / 7842001048